ChloBo Engravable Pendant

Why Choose ChloBo For Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day is fast approaching, which means there is no better gift than a sentimental piece of jewellery that your mum can cherish for years to come, and a piece that shows her just how much you appreciate her presence. ChloBo creates a variety of jewels, from a personalized ChloBo Mum Bracelet to initial necklaces.

What’s more, their brand was developed with the intention of inspiring its wearers. Through symbolic means, each design, such as the iconic feather and hamsa hand, encompasses nothing but meaning. And this meaning makes for the ideal gift for mum.

Mother’s Day is a celebration that honours a mother, a mother figure and motherhood as a whole. So, without further ado, let’s jump into our top ChloBo picks; from ChloBo mum bracelets to ring stacks!

ChloBo’s Engravable Bracelets

These bracelets are our first ChloBo mum bracelet option to give to that special someone. Each variation holds an engravable plate that allows you to add your own message onto it. Whether that be a simple ‘love you mum’ or a quote that only she would know.

What’s more, each bracelet holds a different charm that symbolizes a meaning: the moon & star charm offers a lovely sentiment of ‘thank you, mum, for making me, me’. The heart charm is known as a thank you for the unconditional love & compassion she shows you. And finally, the star charm is to thank your mum for providing you with the hope and guidance to reach for the stars and trust the journey.

Are you a dad looking for the perfect gifting piece? If your partner and daughter have a bond like no other, why not treat them both to matching bracelets. Mothers day isn’t just for the children to gift their mums; why not show appreciation to your wife with a ChloBo mum bracelet? The meaning behind these matching sets is to give a gift that you can both treasure forever, no matter how far apart!

ChloBo’s Initial Necklaces

Next up, we have initial necklaces. A necklace design that has stayed popular for many years and always makes a thoughtful gift. With that said, initial necklaces are the perfect gift to give the one you call mum. They are such a simple but meaningful jewellery piece, whether you buy an M to symbolize motherhood, their initial or even yours to wear as a constant reminder that you are always there.

ChloBo’s Ring Stacks

If a necklace or a bracelet isn’t her preferred jewellery type, why not treat her with a stacked ring look? ChloBo’s Ring Stacks offer a statement look that can transform an everyday outfit into evening wear. While you can buy ChloBo rings individually, their ring sets offer a lovely way to produce a style mum will love.

As an example, the Silver Moon & Sun Set Of Two Rings from ChloBo include two simple elasticated beaded rings, with one showcasing an elegantly dangling charm duo of a sun and a crescent moon. This pairing is said to signify courage; a wonderful sentiment to mum if she has fought some battles over the years.

To add to this duo, you could incorporate the Silver Mini Lotus Ring, which symbolises purity and enlightenment. Combining all three makes for a precious stacked look that can bring your mum positive affirmations.

Mother’s Day With ChloBo

Have we inspired you for Mother’s Day 2022? We are proud ChloBo jewellery stockists here at Joshua James. ChloBo always offers the perfect gifts for family members who enjoy sentimental value. That’s why it should be your brand of choice when treating your mum this year. For each piece above, whether it’s the ChloBo mum bracelet or the meaningful set of rings, you’ll be given a piece of jewellery that may say what you can’t put into words.

ChloBo is a brand that puts attention to detail in every one of its products. With all collections handmade in the UK, and by using ethically sourced materials that are AnchorCert protected, ChloBo is a brand that you can rely on for style, comfort and longevity. Shop our entire ChloBo jewellery collection for even more gifting inspiration.