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Claudia Bradby

Specialising in classic styles with a contemporary twist, Claudia Bradby's pearl designs are created for strong, independent and adventurous women. Each freshwater pearl is hand-selected from carefully sourced pearl farms in China to assure the highest lustre and quality, resulting in natural beauty and unique pieces of exquisite Claudia Bradby jewellery. Whether your pearl preference is pink, peacock or silver, or baroque, button or coin, Claudia Bradby will have something for you. Check out our entire range of pearl jewellery for more stunning lustre.

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Introducing Claudia Bradby. Timeless pearls meet contemporary trends in our exquisite collection of Claudia Bradby jewellery. From Claudia Bradby pearl earrings to necklaces, there's a style to suit every lady. With designs ranging from simple and elegant to opulent and eye-catching, the Claudia Bradby mantra rings true throughout: "every woman should be afforded the luxury of wearing beautiful pearl jewellery every day, in every way." 

What is the difference between cultured and natural pearl jewellery?

Natural pearls form when a foreign substance (such as a grain of sand) enters inside the shell of a mollusc, therefore triggering the mollusc's natural defence system. This involves the secretion of layers of "nacre", an iridescent fluid that will eventually (usually over the course of several years) build-up to form a natural pearl.

Claudia Bradby jewellery features freshwater cultured pearls. These grow organically within a mollusc after receiving initial careful stimulation from expert pearl farmers when a nucleus is inserted into the mollusc. This skilful and delicate procedure prompts the mollusc to begin depositing layers of nacre, which eventually (typically within 6-24 months) leads to the creation of a cultured pearl.

How to care for your Claudia Bradby pearl jewellery

Make sure to read the section on caring for your pearls in our complete jewellery care guide if you want to take care of your Claudia Bradby jewellery. Also, for all Claudia Bradby discount codes, keep an eye on our social media & sign up for our newsletter!