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March Birthstone Jewellery

If you’re looking for a distinctive addition to your collection, a March birthstone piece of jewellery, whether that be a necklace, ring, bracelet or charm will always be unique to your birth month and is available in an array of beautiful designs. A March birthstone necklace from high-end brands such as Swarovski offers a wonderful birthday gift that's finished with glistening aquamarine gems encased in fine metals. Whether you prefer a deep sapphire as radiant as the sea or a light sparkling sky blue gem, March birthstones have it all. A symbol of hope, youth, and health, aquamarine can brighten your mood. If you're looking for any other month, we have a vast range of birthstone jewellery on offer.
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March Birthstone At Joshua James

Here at JJ, we make it our mission to deliver our customers a wide range of birthstone jewellery as a gift for one's themselves or a special someone. What better way is there to celebrate a birthday than with a March birthstone jewellery piece? Whether you're looking for necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings or a March birthstone jewellery set, watch as your outfit is instantly transformed. 

What is March birthstone?

The birthstone for March is the vibrant aquamarine. This beautiful gemstone evokes crystal blue waters and crisp Winter days. In the spiritual sense, aquamarine is known as the stone for trusting and letting go. Said to be the treasure of mermaids back in the day, this gemstone is radiant and captivating, especially on jewellery. In the Zodiac, this gemstone resonates with the Pisces. A person who is emotionally sensitive but while graceful.

Shop our entire collection of March birthstone pieces at Joshua James. You will be met with stunning aquamarine gems, as well as sleek metals such as 925 sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold. We have matching items and we have pieces that work well as a standalone statement. If you want to find out more about the Pisces birthstone, head over to our blog.