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After your engagement, of course, comes the wedding. Before you know it, it’s time to start considering your wedding ring choices!

We’ve put together a guide for those in need of a little help when it comes to choosing their perfect wedding ring, and suggest that you also check out our beautiful selection of wedding rings – brought to you by our very own brand, The Wedding Room – for all the inspiration you might need. 


From classic gold bands to dazzling diamond eternity rings, there’s a diverse range of styles to sift through when it comes to finding the perfect wedding ring. A traditional ring is unadorned and available in a choice of different profiles and widths, with the option to add your choice of external finish (more on that later!). Meanwhile, a diamond ring is the more modern option for those who prefer a little extra sparkle, with no need to select a profile or width. 

Couples often wonder if they should opt for a matching set of wedding rings, but this is obviously down to personal preference. Identical rings may not be the best option for couples with vastly different style tastes, or different size requirements, therefore many prefer to choose rings that compliment each other rather than being an exact match. A good first step may be to decide on a metal or general style together, then adjust the finer details to suit your personal taste.


Since this ring will likely be worn almost daily for the rest of your life, longevity is one of the most important factors here. For this reason, yellow gold or white gold are the most popular choices for wedding rings, being extremely durable while also offering classic, timeless shades. It’s also worth considering the metal type of your engagement ring, in case you choose to wear the two together and would prefer a matching effect.

You can find out more about different precious metals in our jewellery metal guide.


Traditional wedding rings consist of a simple band, but the width and weight are up to you. This is a feature you will want to focus on when trying on rings, as your preference will likely be determined by how different widths and weights feel and look on your finger.

Generally speaking, men tend to favour a wider band – averaging 6mm – while women opt for a slimmer band of around 4mm.


Court – A classic shape which ensures a comfortable fit, this ring is curved on the outside but also slightly curved on the inside. The most common ring shape, along with the D-Shaped ring.

Flat Court – Retains the curved interior of the classic court style while offering a flatter, sleeker, external look. This design has a more contemporary aesthetic, for those who prefer a modern style.

D-Shaped – Features a rounded outer profile, similar to the classic court, with a flat interior. Provides a close, comfortable fit with a slimmer streamlined design that is less likely to snag than court styles.


Plain, patterned or engraved? If you want to personalise your wedding band a little further, there are endless options to consider. You may want to add a truly personal touch with a meaningful inscription, or add a unique edge to your ring with a bold geometric pattern.

Here at Joshua James, all of our wedding rings are designed to order, giving you complete control to make the perfect ring to suit your style. Choose from a wide range of finishing touches, such as a polished or matte finish, or intricate pattern finishes.