At Home Valentines Day Ideas

10 At Home Valentines Day Ideas In 2022

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, which would usually mean a lot of calling around at the last minute to secure a weekend booking at your favourite romantic restaurant during the days before. But with the uncertainty of today’s climate, Valentine’s Day 2022 will be commonly spent in the comfort’s of your own home.

With that in mind, it’s time to think of some creative and romantic at home Valentine’s Day ideas. For many couples, the idea of yet another stay-at-home date night might seem dull – but there are plenty of ways to make this occasion extra special, whether you choose to go out or not!

Read on, as we discuss the most romantic Valentines Day ideas at home in 2022…

Couple Cooking Together

1. Make a romantic dinner together

While it’s likely you’ve already done lots of cooking together over the past few months, this Valentine’s Day is the time to pull out all the stops. No ready meals, no shortcuts… this is the night to impress.

Plan the menu together (three-course preferably) and make sure you’re stocked up on all the necessary ingredients and don’t forget the perfect wine to match!

Couple Having A Movie Night On The Floor Surrounded By Candlelight

2. Enjoy a home cinema night

Next on our list of romantic Valentines Day ideas at home we have a movie night, but not just any movie night. Okay, not everyone is lucky enough to have a home cinema. But with a little imagination, you can turn your living room or bedroom into something special! Take your movie night up a notch by lighting some candles, turning out all the lights and piling on the blankets and cushions. 

A Still Shot Of Spa Products

3. Relax with a home spa experience

In a time when we could all use a little extra r&r, a trip to the spa is exactly what’s needed. However, if you decide that a spa isn’t the best idea right now, there are ways to recreate that relaxing atmosphere at home! Break out the bubble bath, light some scented candles and treat your partner to a massage. You might find you enjoy it even more than an actual spa!

People Dipping Into A Choose Fondue

4. Fondue for two

Another one of our at home valentines day ideas involves more food, obviously. That fondue set which you used once and is now collecting dust in the closet? It’s time to put it to use! Whether your taste is sweet or savoury, there’s something undeniably romantic about fondue for two. The most appropriate choice for Valentine’s Day is strawberries dipped in chocolate, but if you’re not so much of a sweet tooth, it’s time to break out the cheese!

A Still Image Of An iPad Showing A Recipe

5. Take a virtual cooking class together

Looking to upskill in the kitchen? Perhaps you and your partner have been stuck in a rut of cooking the same old meals over and over again, or maybe you just want to try out a new cuisine. Virtual cooking classes are a fun and romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day at home, whether you’re casual chefs or haute cuisine connoisseurs!

A Couple Having a Picnic

6. Have an (indoor?) picnic

February weather is not the most inviting (especially here in the UK). But there’s no need to travel to the park to enjoy a picnic for an at-home Valentines Day idea. You can recreate the experience at home, whether that’s in the back garden or on the living room floor. Bring out the checkered blanket, bake some nibbles and pop some fizz – you’ve got a picnic!

An Array Of Polaroid Photographs Laying On A Bed

7. Get creative with scrapbooking

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, chances are you’ve got plenty of photos together. Putting all of these into a scrapbook is the perfect way to reminisce about those treasured memories, from anniversaries to birthdays to romantic trips away. You can even spend future Valentine’s Day’s adding to your scrapbook together!

A Still Shot Of Two Fruity Cocktails

8. Mix things up with some cocktails

Whether you’re master mixologists or simply enjoy a good drink, making your own cocktails is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day at home. Turn up the heat with some of these romantic Valentine’s cocktails, or experiment and make your own!

A Mixture Of Evidential Items for A Crime Scene

9. Solve a murder

Something a little less conventional would be to host your very own at-home murder mystery experience as one of our Valentines Day ideas for him at home. Yes, there’s only two of you but that’s okay, or you can invite another couple to join in on the fun as a double date. Just as long as they take a test first!

You can purchase many fun and unique murder mystery and crime-solving games on Etsy. Whether you’re a true crime fanatic or you love to get competitive, this is a great way to bond and have a laugh as you become the next Sherlock Holmes!

A Person Creating A Heart With Their Hands In The Crowd At A Gig

10. Stream a virtual Valentine’s Day concert

Many of us have missed out on the gigs they had booked, and are still waiting for their rescheduled date. But luckily, while you wait, there are still ways to enjoy live music from the comfort of your own home. It’s sure to be a romantic evening while you dance around the lounge in your pj’s!

Another At Home Valentines Day Idea?

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