Back to school: our top gift ideas for returning students

Summer is coming to an end (didn’t it only just start last week?) and that means it’s almost time for school to begin again. Unsurprisingly, the end of the holidays means that students of all ages are feeling rather down, and maybe even a little nervous about returning to education. Exams, coursework, getting up before midday… It’s not easy stuff. So we’ve decided to put together a little gift giving guide for those who want to cheer up a student in their life, and make their return to school a little bit brighter.

Wish them luck

There’s no escaping the fact that school means exams, and exams mean stress. At all stages of life, these tests can feel like the most important thing in the world, and for university students it really is crucial to do well. Why not alleviate a little of their anxiety with a good luck charm? The beautiful thing about jewellery is that it can be worn just about all the time, so these good luck symbols can be carried wherever you go.

Some of the most common symbols of good luck include the four leaf clover, the horseshoe and the rainbow. Check out some of our favourite good luck charms below:


The beautiful ChloBo brand offers a selection of handmade pieces on the theme of good luck, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This special collection, named Splendid Star, was inspired by Moroccan history and culture, with the goal of bringing good fortune to the wearer. We’ve even just introduced the new Children’s collection on our website, perfect for young ones about to head back to school! View our full ChloBo collection here.

Inspire them/Inspire positivity

As well as good luck, students are always in need of a little inspiration and encouragement to help them avoid procrastinating or getting bogged down in work. Again, jewellery can be the perfect gift to help with this, as inspirational pieces can worn as a constant reminder to stay optimistic.

Some of our favourites include these Nomination charms, all inscribed with motivational quotes.

Help them be prepared

Finally, no matter the age, students will always get back to school and then realise they’ve forgotten something important. We offer a choice of gift pens, perfect for writing notes, and our wide range of watches means that they won’t have an excuse for being late to class anymore! The perfect gift can be both practical and stylish.









We hope we’ve managed to provide a little inspiration to those in search of the perfect gift idea for returning students. Looking for gift-giving ideas for other occasions? We have plenty more posts on our blog on just the topic!


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