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How to Organise Your Jewellery with Stackers Jewellery Boxes & More

Are you starting to run out of things to do around the house?

You’ve trimmed the hedges; dusted every surface; alphabetised your bookshelf; fixed that leaky tap that’s been bugging you for months. Let’s be honest, this is probably the most thorough spring cleaning and DIY season you’ve ever had! 

Before you go stir crazy, remember there’s probably one thing you haven’t done yet. It’s a time-consuming activity that many women tend to put off for as long as possible, but it’s something you should definitely include in your spring cleaning routine this year!

That’s right – it’s time to organise your jewellery.

Many of you will likely take one look at your overflowing jewellery box of tangled chains and mismatched earrings and be immediately put off, but we promise this task isn’t as tedious and trying as it first appears. Decluttering and reorganising your jewellery collection is an activity that will keep you busy for an afternoon and leave you feeling accomplished, and if you go about it in a methodical way, it can actually be very therapeutic.

That’s why we’ve put together this easy step-by-step guide for you to follow, covering everything from decluttering to cleaning to our most effective jewellery storage tips using Stackers jewellery boxes UK!

How to Organise your Jewellery at Home: Step by Step

If you’ve never organised or decluttered your jewellery before, we can guarantee that this first time will be the trickiest. We suggest going through your collection once a year, ideally as part of your spring cleaning routine, to prevent clutter from building up and becoming too overwhelming. 

This annual review is also a great opportunity to figure out what your jewellery collection is lacking, rediscover beloved favourites that got lost in the depths of your drawers, and assess whether or not you should look into additional storage. 

Step 1: Gather all of your jewellery in one place

The easiest bit! Simply remove all of your jewellery from where it’s being stored (whether that’s in one large organiser or across multiple trinket trays and drawers) and gather it all together. 

If possible, we suggest laying it all out on a large table with no other objects, or even on the floor if that’s easier. If you go for the latter option, just be extra careful of collecting everything at the end of your organising session; you don’t want to accidentally hoover up a small earring a week later!

Step 2: Sort your jewellery by type

Now you just need to organise your jewellery into categorised piles.

We recommend sorting them by type, i.e. one pile for necklaces, one for bracelets, one for rings, etc. Accessories such as brooches should also be kept separate.

To make life a little easier, you should also sort each pile by size where possible; e.g. separate your fine chains from chunky ones.

Step 3: Inspect your jewellery for wear and tear

This is already looking a little more manageable, right?

Now that you have your categorised jewellery piles, it’s time to go through each one to inspect every piece.

This will likely be the most time-consuming step, as you’ll want to detangle any knotted chains, match up earrings with their missing backs (if they’re still around) and weed out any pieces which are irreparably broken. 

This is also the time to consider if there are any pieces you can get rid of, simply because you’ve never worn them (and never plan on wearing them), or your style has outgrown them. Although it can be hard to say goodbye, decluttering is an important part of jewellery organisation, as it leaves space for you to add new pieces that you will get much more use out of. Consider offering any unworn and unwanted jewellery to people who are more likely to wear them, and avoid letting them go to waste. 

Finally, make sure to set aside any pieces that you want to keep but are in need of repair (whether it’s a DIY job you can do yourself or something you need a professional jeweller’s help for). These can be dealt with at a later time.

Step 4: Clean your jewellery

If you implement jewellery cleaning as part of your regular routine, you may have identified certain pieces that are in need of a quick polish during the previous step.

However…if jewellery cleaning is something that often gets left by the wayside, you may want to take this time to just go through and give your entire collection a touch-up. This is the perfect opportunity to get all of your jewellery in tip-top shape, from polishing tarnished silver rings to wiping down precious gemstone pendants.

Consider one of our specialised jewellery cleaners from Connoisseurs to give your jewellery a much-needed polish.

Pay special attention to jewellery that has been neglected for a long time, and delicate pieces that require more careful care (such as pearls). 

If you’re looking to give your collection a thorough clean-up and don’t know where to start, make sure to check out our complete jewellery cleaning guide, where we cover the best cleaning techniques and products for each jewellery type!

Step 5: Organise with Stackers jewellery boxes

Now it’s time to sort out your jewellery storage, so that you can give your newly organised and polished pieces the perfect home.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If you already have a jewellery box, does it meet your needs or has your collection outgrown it?
  • If you don’t already own a jewellery box, or you’re in need of additional storage, what kind of item will suit your needs?

In this step, we’ll help you figure out the answers to these questions and go through our favourite options from Stackers. We guarantee that by using Stackers mini jewellery boxes or travel jewellery boxes if you’re on the go, you will feel an immediate sense of organisation.

Remember: your ultimate goal is to arrange each piece of jewellery so it has a place to go at the end of every day. Ideally, your jewellery will remain organised by type, each stored in its own designated compartment in your jewellery box. 

Read on for our breakdown of different jewellery storage solutions and ideas.

Stackers Jewellery Boxes at Joshua James

We are proud to be Stackers jewellery boxes stockists. Stacker’s innovative style of flexible jewellery boxes allows you to expand your storage to fit your growing collection, as you can “stack” trays on top of one another and add in more layers when needed. For example, you may decide to start out with a simple mini jewellery box or a lid layer, then you can add in further trays and compartments as your jewellery collection grows.

These stackers jewellery boxes are also super convenient from a space-saving perspective as their multiple tiers mean that they make use of vertical space, rather than taking up valuable room on your countertops.

The other good news is that these jewellery boxes and trays come in a variety of colours and styles, with a range of designs to suit different jewellery types. From Stackers glass jewellery boxes to marble jewellery stands, Stackers have something to suit everyone.

This allows you to create your very own personalised storage solution, as you can select trays with compartments that suit your collection; whether you’re an avid charm collector or a lover of chunky chains and bracelets! 

If you go for a Stackers jewellery box, you may also want to consider whether or not you prefer your jewellery to be on display or not. You may opt for a tray with no lid or a tray with a transparent display lid if you enjoy being able to see your beautiful jewellery once it’s all neatly organised!

Stackers Jewellery Stands

There are ways to organise jewellery without Stackers jewellery boxes. Stands present an alternative form of jewellery storage which can be more convenient for those who prefer to grab jewellery on-the-go. They also offer a very attractive way to display your beautiful jewellery!

Stackers jewellery stands are usually built with a weighted base that allows them to remain upright, along with a metal frame from which you can hang necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. 

In comparison to a jewellery box, a jewellery stand is somewhat limited in terms of how many items it can hold, and you also run the risk of exposing your pieces to sunlight and moisture in the air (which is especially harmful to more delicate and precious jewellery). However, they do offer an additional storage idea for keeping your everyday accessories neatly organised and close to hand. 

DIY Hanging Jewellery Storage

Trying to organise your jewellery in a super small space can be tricky, especially if you’re lacking in countertop space to keep boxes or stands. Hanging jewellery storage might be the answer to your problems!

Although it’s definitely not optimal, and we wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term solution (especially not for more expensive pieces which require proper storage to keep them in good condition), there are a few easy DIY hanging jewellery storage options that you can do at home. 

For example, you might have an old corkboard lying around which you can pin your jewellery to; or even a series of hooks in the wall that you can hang necklaces, bracelets and rings from. Although not the best from a jewellery care perspective, it’s a very artistic way of organising and displaying your jewellery!

Bonus tips and tricks for effective jewellery organisation and storage

As you make your way through our simple jewellery organisation checklist, make sure to consider the following things:

  • If you can’t decide whether or not to keep a piece of jewellery, ask yourself the following 3 things: Do I wear this regularly? Does it serve a specific purpose (e.g. my only piece of formal jewellery)? Does it have sentimental value? If your answer to every question is no, you should likely get rid of it.
  • If possible, keep all your jewellery in one place. Even better if this is near your wardrobe and/or mirror, so you can easily put together your whole outfit for the day rather than going back and forth.
  • Following on from the above tip: if you can’t keep all of your jewellery in one place, consider setting up a ‘grab and go’ area on your dresser. This might be a small dish where you keep the jewellery you wear every day.
  • You may want to store your most expensive occasion pieces in special jewellery bags for an extra layer of protection.

& the list continues…

  • Don’t just throw away precious metals! You might be surprised at the weigh-in value of these pieces.
  • For times when you go away, consider investing in a small safe for your most precious pieces, or come up with an unsuspecting hiding place. Some people even store precious jewellery in their food cupboards in decoy cans when they go on holiday!
  • Guys, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Consider a Stackers cufflink box from our men’s jewellery box collection if you have a large collection.
  • Many people wonder if it’s okay to store jewellery in plastic bags. This generally isn’t a good idea, as in the long-term it will tarnish metal and damage gemstones. As a short-term solution, e.g. during travel, it should be fine – just make sure to squeeze any air out of the bags before sealing.  
Stackers Jewellery Boxes Lined Up

We hope our step-by-step guide has been helpful to anyone for how to organise your jewellery collection, and that perhaps you’ll consider making it a part of your annual spring clean! Remember, your jewellery collection is valuable, and it deserves the best care to keep it looking in tip-top shape which is why Stackers jewellery boxes are the most effective solution.

And just think: you’ll definitely deserve a new treat after going through and decluttering your collection! Why not check out the range of designer jewellery here at Joshua James to find your next favourite piece?

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