Jewellery Trends of 2022
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The Jewellery Trends Of 2022

In 2021, we were met with vibrant colours through the enamel, rainbow-inspired pieces and novelty designs that took the form of flowers and smiley faces to inspire positivity. While the jewellery trends of 2021 were necessary for such an unpredictable year, we’re expecting a slightly different take in 2022.

Although pops of colour will still be gracing our wrists, necks and fingers, we’ll be seeing a comeback for statemented pieces that we said goodbye to a long while ago now. What’s more, personalisation will be at its prime; from the usual zodiac-inspired styles to initial necklaces which are a timeless option for everybody.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the jewellery trends of 2022.

1. Make It Personal

As previously mentioned, we expect to see nameplates, zodiac signs and the traditional initial pieces throughout the year of 2022. Bella Hadid rocked her Anne Boleyn-ESC B choker which has begun a new frenzy in this classic but modern take on personalised jewellery. Whether you decide to jazz up a choker or you go for a charm bracelet with several charms that represent you, this is a 2022 jewellery trend that’s staying.

Here’s Bella in all her glory wearing her bold initial pendant:

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2. Statement Signets

A signet ring is known for being the more statement type of ring, and you guessed it, in 2022’s jewellery trends, we expect to see fingers laced in them. From the traditional heirlooms to other meaningful engravings, signet rings have been around for decades and they’re back and bolder than ever. If you don’t have a piece that’s been passed down from your loving great-grandma, a store-bought one will suffice.

Here’s Cara Delevingne rocking her silver signet ring in a heartfelt Instagram post:

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3. Bold Chokers

Next up, we have chokers. Chokers come and go every few years, but for the jewellery trends of 2022, we expect to see chunky and blingy pieces that’ll have you saying goodbye to your dainty layering chains. While the velvet numbers were all the craze back in the day, we’re taking a lot more of a glamorous finish that’ll turn heads wherever you go.

Here’s Zendaya showcasing a stunning silver, white & emerald green choker at a recent event:

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4. Pops of Colour

Are you like us when we say we’ve enjoyed colour in jewellery trends 2021 UK? Because we have! According to SS22’s runway, we expect to see chunky pieces again, but this time in vibrant shades that could almost pass for a child’s toy as opposed to an accessory. Take Swarovski for instance, their recent style has exposed some quirky designs that offer instant boldness to even the simplest of outfits. With candy greens and pinks, their jewellery designers weren’t messing around.

While we still love a simple gold or silver piece, don’t be afraid to show off some colour to abide by 2022’s jewellery trend of the rainbow.

Here’s a photograph from Julia Garner’s Vogue Shoot wearing some of Swarovski’s new in wild pieces:

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Have we inspired you with the jewellery trends of 2022? With colours bursts, chunk and expression, we expect it to be a monumental year for the jewellery industry. To stay in the loop of our newest collections dropped by your favourite brands, sign up for our newsletter. In the meantime, keep checking out our blog for more style inspiration.