Lockdown Birthday Ideas

Lockdown Birthday Ideas: How to Celebrate

It goes without saying that we’ve all had to experience at least one birthday while being in lockdown. Meaning celebrations consisted of a wine and quiz night over Zoom or a simple cosy night in with a takeaway as opposed to celebrating with our nearest and dearest at a local bar.

However, with the new Lockdown Roadmap released on the 22nd March, this gives hope for those born in Spring onwards. While the Autumn and Winter babies jump for joy as normality is predicted, there’s still the rest of us who need to figure out how to make our lockdown birthday special.

Continue reading for our unique lockdown birthday ideas and gift inspiration that’ll make your day extra special. Going by the new Lockdown Roadmap, you may be able to catch some rays this Spring/Summer!

Lockdown Birthday Ideas for March

As we’re about to say goodbye to February, it’s time to start thinking about Spring birthdays. The season of chocolate and temperatures finally rising after the snowy Winter we’ve just had. From the 8th March, it has been announced that two people can meet outside.

Although this doesn’t allow for a garden party, if you haven’t seen a close friend since the beginning of lockdown, now is your chance. Our lockdown birthday idea for this scenario would be a picnic with a twist!

You may be tired of eating finger sandwiches off of a blanket in the middle of a park, but why not make it a challenge? Whether that means a ‘Guess the Food’ challenge or a makeshift three-course meal inspired by your favourite restaurant, the possibilities are endless.

From the 29th March, it is then said that stay-at-home rules will end and you’ll be able to meet up with one other household outdoors. This could mean a small birthday celebration in your back garden.

To spice it up, why not hold a fancy dress competition? Take your favourite celebrity and have everyone dress up as them; for instance, Britney in a number of her music videos because seeing your uncle in vinyl leggings is a must.

Lockdown Birthday Ideas. Girl having a picnic.

Birthdays In April

Secondly, we have Easter birthdays on 4th April. Boris is hoping for limited reopenings of tourism, which means there is a possibility that you can stay overnight somewhere as a lockdown birthday treat. An example of a lovely getaway would be to hire a cabin with one other household.

If you want to push the boat out even more, why not check out a glamping pod or treehouse cabin? There are so many unique places to stay, which may be right around the corner from you!

What’s next? You guessed it! From 12th April, it’s time to visit your favourite restaurant that you have been craving for the past year or so. This may only be for outdoor services, but either way, going out for a meal with two households is a treat in itself.

To make your day even unforgettable, visit a spa. Close contact services are predicted to open up at the same time as hospitality. Meaning a whole birthday makeover is on the cards, which is definitely advised as a birthday pick-me-up.

Lockdown Birthday Ideas. Girl enjoying a spa day with a face mask on.

Birthdays In May

What if we told you that you can now go to the pub and treat yourself to a much-deserved gin and tonic? Meet up with five other people as you take in the smell of freshly poured ales. While we never thought this day would come, it has just in time for your birthday.

What’s more, you may be allowed to meet up with up to 30 people outdoors. A fun lockdown birthday idea for this would be to host an outdoor event. With photo booths, a mixology class or by partnering up with a local restaurant/entertainment service, you can celebrate in style.

Lockdown Birthday Ideas. Four friends dancing outside.

Birthdays From June

Now that you’ve reunited with your loved ones, normality is just around the corner. According to the Lockdown Roadmap, from the 21st of June, all lockdown restrictions will be lifted. That means your favourite nightclub, theatres and theme parks will all be open for your special day.

You may be spoilt for choice, but our end of the lockdown birthday idea would be to hire a local venue. During Covid, several establishments have struggled to make ends meet. With that being said, you can show your support by hiring out your local village hall or bar and host a party organised by you entirely.

Whether you hold a dance competition, theme it to be a masquerade ball or simply enjoy having a catch up with everyone you have missed over the past year, it’s totally up to you.

Lockdown Birthday Ideas. A group of people cheersing at a party.

How We Can Help Make Your Birthday Special

Now that we have given you several lockdown birthday ideas to make it a day to remember, it’s time to consider gift ideas. Whether it’s your birthday or a loved one’s, happy birthday jewelleryis always received lovingly.

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Birthstone Jewellery

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With the new Lockdown Roadmap in place, the end of this strange chapter of our lives is near. If your birthday falls before the finish line, we hope that our lockdown birthday ideas will help make your day just as unique as you imagined.

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