Personalised Jewellery Gifts: Make Every Occasion Special

As much as we enjoy treating the people we love, shopping for gifts can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. If it’s someone you know well, what can you get for them that they don’t already have? And if it’s someone you don’t know well at all, how can you be sure of what they’ll like??

That’s why personalised gifts are so amazing: they allow you to get away from the generic gift ideas that you see year after year, and to instead opt for a present that reflects a special relationship, milestone or memory. A personal touch is sure to make your gift stand out!

Another thing that makes personalised gifts so great is their suitability for all ages and genders. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your boyfriend, auntie, best friend or even a work colleague… it’s a unique way to show that you know the person well and have put thought into their present.

So what makes a gift personal? A personalised gift is simply one that reflects some facet of the recipient’s personality, whether that might be an engraving of their name or a unique design that represents a special interest, hobby or even memory of theirs.

A piece of custom jewellery is perhaps one of the best examples of a personalised gift, as it presents an especially beautiful way to capture a special date, message or occasion and it can be treasured by the wearer for years to come.

Personalised Jewellery Gifts at Joshua James

Across the Joshua James website you can discover a wide variety of personalised jewellery for men, women and children. And with free delivery on all UK orders, it’s easy to send your personalised gift straight to your friend or family member’s doorstep!

Currently searching for the perfect custom jewellery gift for yourself or someone special? Read on to find out more about our diverse personalised jewellery selection, spanning beautiful birthstone jewellery, personalised necklaces and jewellery engraving options.

Initial pendants

Why not treat them to one of our stylish letter pendants, available in sleek sterling silver or luxurious 9k yellow gold? Our selection puts a contemporary twist on this traditional method of personalisation, as our silver initial pendants feature a playful art deco style (and a touch of cubic zirconia sparkle). Our solid gold letter necklaces offer something a little more lavish, but are still perfect for everyday wear.

Joshua James 9ct Gold Letter A Pendant
Joshua James Silver & CZ Art Deco Initial A Pendant

These make great and affordable personalised gifts for friends, no matter what your friendship level might be!

Zodiac pendants

Our zodiac sign pendants also make wonderful personalised gifts for friends. Crafted in high quality sterling silver, they are suitable to wear every day for years to come, and at just £14.95 they make very affordable gift options! They’re also perfect for layering with our silver initial necklaces to create an extra personalised style.

Joshua James
Silver Virgo Zodiac Sign Pendant
Joshua James Silver Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Pendant
Joshua James Silver Aquarius Zodiac Sign Pendant

All you need to know is their star sign! If you’re not sure what that is, you can find out by using our guide to the zodiac.

Birthstone jewellery

Birthstone jewellery has been a popular personalised gift option for women for a long time now. A personalised birthstone necklace, ring or pair of earrings adds a uniquely meaningful touch to your outfit, as well as a beautiful pop of colour!

Each birthstone carries its own unique symbolism that allows the wearer to reflect and enhance their personality through their style, whether your birth month is characterised by fiery ruby or regal sapphire.

Within the Joshua James collection of birthstone jewellery, you will find a range of accessories to suit all budgets and tastes. Our gold birthstone collection features gorgeous 9ct gold necklaces and stud earrings set with precious gemstones, while our sterling silver birthstone range consists of matching jewellery sets centred around bright Swarovski crystals. Any of our birthstone pendants would make a beautiful personalised necklace for mum, especially if you choose to layer with one of our initial or zodiac pendants!

Joshua James October Birthstone Swarovski Tourmaline Stud Earrings
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Emerald May Birthstone Pendant
Joshua James September Birthstone Swarovski Sapphire Ring

Are charm bracelets more their thing? If your friend or family member is an avid Nomination collector, a birthstone charm is a must-have for their composable bracelet. These are also a great example of men’s personalised jewellery, as they offer guys a stylish and expressive way to add just a pop of colour to their Nomination bracelet.

We’ve selected just a few of options below, but you can view the full collection here.

Nomination Classic Silver July Ruby Charm
Nomination Classic Rose Gold November Citrine Charm
Nomination Classic March Aquamarine Charm

Engraved jewellery

We now offer jewellery engraving across a variety of pieces and brands here at Joshua James, allowing you to create a meaningful custom jewellery piece for that special someone! The most versatile personalised gift that there is, a piece of engraved jewellery can be decorated with your chosen name, date, message or symbol.

Personalised jewellery with handwriting has flourished in popularity in recent years as it lends the gift an extra personal touch. When you purchase your engraved jewellery online with us, you can customise it further by selecting from a choice of playful and classic fonts.

Create a personalised necklace for the special woman in your life with one of our engravable birthstone pendants, featuring a Swarovski birthstone crystal that sits alongside a silver disc pendant.

Joshua James November Birthstone Swarovski Topaz Pendant
Joshua James June Birthstone Swarovski Light Amethyst Pendant

Or if charm bracelets are more their thing, why not consider an engraved Nomination charm? These can be inscribed with a name, date or message of your choice and used to personalise their composable bracelet or watch.

Nomination Classic Gold Plate Double Charm
Nomination Classic Rose Gold Round Pendant Charm
Nomination Classic Silver Plate Charm

Occasions for Gifting Personalised Jewellery

The beauty of personalised gifts is that they work year-round: your present can be tailored to the particular occasion that’s being celebrated, or simply to suit the person you’re giving it to.

However, there are a few occasions in particular where you’ll really want to go the extra mile and add a touch of sentimentality to your gift – and a piece of personalised jewellery will certainly do the trick.


Of course birthdays are going to feature on this list! These are the occasions where it is most important to make your gift personal, as it’s all about celebrating that one special person.

The difficulty with finding the perfect birthday present is that you have to do it annually, and when you’re searching for a family member or friend, it can be tricky to find them something which you haven’t already gifted them in a previous year.

When you feel like you’ve run out of ideas, it can be tempting to settle for something generic – but don’t fall into that trap! Sure, your mum might enjoy some flowers, and your grandma might enjoy another luxury bath bundle… but wouldn’t you rather gift them something which clearly shows the thought behind it?

Any one of our personalised jewellery pieces is sure to blow them away, and our birthstone jewellery gifts in particular will make wonderful birthday presents. You can even add to this in future years by gifting them an additional zodiac, initial or engraved pendant to add to their personalised necklace, or get them a matching birthstone ring or pair of earrings to complete their set!


Like birthdays, your anniversary with your beloved partner will come around once a year – and each time, it can feel incredibly tempting to fall into the romantic clichés of roses and box of chocolates for her, and a bottle of whiskey for him.

Remember that anniversaries are not just about showing love and affection towards your partner, but also about showing how well you know them. Each anniversary marks another year of your relationship, and during that time you are sure to have learned more about their personality, interests and hobbies. Why not echo that with a personalised gift?

Our favourite personalised jewellery gift for anniversaries is a Nomination bracelet that you can continue to add to and customise each year. Perhaps the first year you can gift them a base bracelet and a charm engraved with the date of your anniversary, and in future years you can gift them more links that reflect other aspects of your relationship.

The benefits of this are two-fold: you get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife a personalised gift that they are sure to adore and cherish for years to come, and you also take a lot of the stress out of coming up with future gift ideas!

Bridesmaid Proposals

We’ve previously covered our favourite bridesmaid gift ideas, including ways to treat your best gal pals as a thanks for supporting you throughout the entire wedding planning process. But bridesmaid proposals – in other words, the moment you ask them to stand up there next to you on your special day – are equally important!

A piece of “Will you be my bridesmaid” personalised jewellery is the perfect way to memorialise that special moment and give your friend a gift that she can treasure forever. If you really want to go all out, put together a proposal box for each of your bridesmaids, filled with sweet treats and a personalised necklace or charm as the centrepiece.

A selection of our engravable Nomination charms can be engraved with the words “Be my bridesmaid”, or perhaps the date of your wedding, or even just your bridesmaid’s name to make it extra personal to them. Make sure they have a matching base bracelet to attach it to, and they can even wear it on your wedding day!

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

Thinking of a new way to surprise mum and dad each year can get tricky. When you were a kid, you could get away with a cute handmade card and bringing them breakfast in bed. But as you get older, chances are you might move away from your parents and seeing them in person on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day might not always be possible.

Ordering flowers to be delivered to the house on Mother’s Day is always a lovely way to make her smile, but consider sending a little something extra to be dropped at her doorstep next year. Create a personalised necklace for mum by combining her birthstone or initials with an engraved pendant, and she is sure to be blown away!

close up of silver necklace with Joshua James birthstone, initial and engraved disc pendant

And don’t forget dad; he might be content with his favourite bottle of booze, but we also have a selection of personalised men’s jewellery to choose from. The Nomination iKon bracelet is designed specifically for gents, and can be customised with iKon links that reflect his personality and style! Alternatively, go for the Nomination classic grey charm bracelet and personalise it with engraved links for that extra thoughtful touch.

Wedding gifts

We have a beautiful selection of wedding gifts here at Joshua James, including Swarovski crystal figurines and other sparkling ornaments. But if you really want your present to stand out amongst the rest, consider a personalised wedding gift to surprise the happy couple. You might opt for matching his and hers charm bracelets, complete with engraved links that display their names or wedding date, alongside classic wedding-themed charms.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite options below, including “Mr & Mrs” charms that are sure to make them smile!

Nomination Classic Silver Mr & Mrs Charm
Nomination Classic Silver Plate with CZ Infinity Double Charm
Nomination Classic Silver Wedding Rings Charm

What to write on personalised jewellery?

Sometimes it can feel a little daunting trying to decide what to write on a piece of engraved jewellery. After all, this is something they could potentially keep for the rest of their life – you want to make sure you get it right!

Here are some of our top tips when deciding what to write on your engraved jewellery gift:

  • Try to relate your engraving to the occasion in question wherever you can, as this is sure to make it more memorable and always remind them of that particular day.
  • Make your inscription as meaningful as possible, rather than settling for generic sentiments; personalise their jewellery with a word or phrase that echoes your relationship.
  • Always double check spellings and dates! There’s nothing worse than receiving your engraved jewellery and later realising that their name is spelled “Annabel” instead of “Annabelle” …or something along these lines.

We hope our guide to personalised jewellery gifts has inspired you to add that extra personal touch to your next present! Make sure to browse the full personalised jewellery collection here at Joshua James, and keep an eye out as our selection of engravable charms continues to grow!