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Star Sign & Taurus Birthstone Jewellery: Gifts & More

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can sometimes feel like a mammoth task.

For any ladies who love the more luxurious things in life, jewellery is a fail-safe gift that is sure to earn you major brownie points! If there’s a birthday coming up over the next couple of months that you need inspiration for, why not consider a piece of jewellery inspired by their star sign? A personalised gift is sure to go a long way. It shows the recipient that you know them well, and want to give them a gift that reflects their personality.

From Taurus bracelet charms to striking jewellery worn by famous Taurus women, we’ve put together some of our top Taurus birthstone gift ideas at Joshua James. But first, let’s dive into a handy breakdown of the Taurus star sign…

Key Facts about the Taurus Birthstone

Dates: April 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Personality traits: Responsible, grounded, passionate, determined, affectionate

Interests: Painting, collecting jewellery, singing, reading, writing

What is a Taurus like?

Personality-wise, a Taurus is thought to be responsible, reliable, patient and generous. Being an Earth sign, Taureans are well-grounded and practical which makes them incredibly hard workers. A Taurean will endure their decisions and stick things out until the end.

As well as being some of the hardest workers around, the commitment seen in those with the Taurus sign makes them fabulous long term partners and lifelong friends. They treat friends like family and hold those closest to them very dearly.

What does the symbol of the Bull mean?

The symbol of the Taurus sign is that of the wandering bull. According to an ancient astrological story, the bull betrayed their best friend – the goddess Hera – and as a punishment was made to wander the earth in order to find freedom.

The interpretation of this story for a Taurus doesn’t mean that they are lonely and separated, but rather that they may have to search a little longer in order to make true, lasting connections. Once they do, however, they are fiercely loyal and will always go the extra mile for those that they love.

Taurus Gift Ideas

Taurus Birthstone Nomination Charms

If you’re looking for the perfect present for the beloved Taurus in your life, why not opt for a jewellery gift with a personal touch, such as a zodiac charm? Nomination offers a selection of stylish options, ranging from classic silver to luxurious rose gold.

Classic Rose Gold Taurus Zodiac Charm
Nomination Classic Gold Taurus Charm
Classic Gold & White CZ Taurus Charm
Classic Silver & CZ Taurus Symbol Charm

Taurus Birthstone Jewellery

What is Taurus birthstone? A birthstone for Taurus people born in April is the stunning diamond. Although a piece of cubic zirconia or white Swarovski crystal jewellery will also work as a more affordable gift option!

However, most Taureans are born in May, therefore the Taurus birthstone color is the stunning green emerald. It is said that wearing a piece of emerald jewellery allows a Taurus to channel the energies of Venus, creating a powerful aura.

Here at Joshua James, we have a selection of emerald birthstone jewellery for you to choose from. Our personal opinion is that it looks especially beautiful when set in rich gold! As you can see, the deep green hues really come to life when paired with glowing gold tones.

Check out a few of our favourite gold and emerald jewellery below, or explore the full collection of May birthstone jewellery gifts.

Taurus Birthstone Emerald & Diamond Vine Drop Earrings
Joshua James Precious 9ct Yellow Gold with Emerald & Diamond Vine Drop Earrings
Taurus Birthstone Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
Joshua James Precious 9ct White Gold with Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
Taurus Birthstone Emerald May Birthstone Pendant
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Emerald May Birthstone Pendant

Famous Taureans’ Style

When a birthstone Taurus charm bracelet isn’t her thing, or if you feel like splashing out and treating her to something a little more statement, why not take some jewellery inspiration from these famous Taurus women?

Gal Gadot (born 30th April)

Embed from Getty Images

The star of Wonder Woman, this on-screen superhero is also known for her noble endeavours in the real world. Gal Gadot has made excellent use of rising to the spotlight, as she frequently takes to social platforms to raise awareness of humanitarian issues. In terms of her jewellery, she tends to keep it simple yet eye-catching – and always with a hint of sparkle. To emulate her look, we recommend taking a peek at our Stardust collection – or for that extra luxury, go for a classic diamond solitaire pendant!

Kirsten Dunst (born 30th April)

Embed from Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst favours a relaxed, boho-inspired style, taking to the red carpets in chic floaty dresses given an edge with striking, sparkly jewellery. If you’re looking for the perfect statement gift for an upcoming Taurus birthstone birthday, you don’t get much more statement this season than the Joshua James Stardust Silver & CZ Organic Drop Necklace! Whether paired with earthy tones for a vintage style like Kirsten’s or worn with a LBD for a dazzling evening look, this necklace makes a great gift for any ladies who love all that glitters.

Jessica Alba (born 28th April)

Embed from Getty Images

Jessica Alba has perfected the girl next door look; her style is simple and sophisticated, often featuring delicate silver jewellery. If the person you’re gift hunting for is a fan of this effortlessly pretty look, treat her this year to a silver chain and pendant with eye-catching glittering details. We think this Swarovski Attract Soul Rhodium Plated with White & Pink Crystal Necklace is the ideal option as a thoughtful gift for a special someone.

Queen Elizabeth II (born April 21)

Embed from Getty Images

How could we forget the Queen herself! A style icon in her own right, this fashionable monarch is never seen without a string of pearls to accompany her perfectly put-together outfit. Don’t be thinking that pearls are reserved for the older woman; they’ve made a massive comeback in recent years, and we have plenty of pearl jewellery here at Joshua James that puts a modern twist on this classic gemstone as your Taurus birthstone.

For more exquisite gift ideas for a number of special occasions, be sure to explore the full collection of gifts for her at Joshua James. And now that you’ve seen the beautiful pieces for the Taurus birthstone, keep an eye out next month when we’ll bring you the next instalment in our zodiac series for the Gemini birthstone!

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