UNO de 50 UK Stockists

We Are Now Hot Diamonds UK & UNO de 50 UK Stockists!

Here at Joshua James, we’re always looking to expand on our brand menu with only the finest designer brands out there. This month, we’re extremely excited to announce that UNOde50 and Hot Diamonds have launched on our site; delivering our customers with modern and glistening jewels that’ll be sure to take your breath away. 

As both Hot Diamonds UK and UNO de 50 UK stockists, we have opened up new doors to contemporary accessories that complete any outfit, day and night. While we already house several stunning jewellery brands, our two newbies will be sure to fit in nicely as Summer continues and Autumn greets us.

Continue reading for more about these gorgeous brands, and to check out our top picks from both.

UNO de 50 Stockists UK

UNO de 50 UK Stockists

First up, we are proud UNO de 50 stockists in the UK. The brand was first established in Madrid in the late 90s and was launched with the aim of becoming a jewellery designer that broke through the noise of the industry at that time. Through artistic and sculptural designs, Jose Azulay started producing vibrant and dynamic pieces.

In the beginning, only 50 items were released per collection and even today, a limited edition of 50 exclusive pieces are included in every collection to keep the UNOde50 legacy alive. Stay tuned for a brief look at the glamorous style that UNO de 50 upkeep in all of their pieces:

UNOde50 Gold Plated Connected Bracelet
UNOde50 Silver Plated Do You Orbit? Hoop Earrings
UNOde50 Gold Plated Connected Drop Earrings
UNOde50 Silver Plated & Leather Feather Necklace
UNOde50 Silver Plated & Blue Swarovski Crystal Light It Up Necklace

Hot Diamonds UK

Hot Diamonds UK Jewels

Hot Diamonds, a brand that takes the simple beauty of diamonds and combines it with sleek sterling silver to create a frosted look, is available on Joshua James Jewellery. Hot Diamonds was born in Hertfordshire, which is still where their studio is based to this day. They’re known for their loving diamonds which are adorned over necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

The brand is also known for its ethical practices that entail each piece of jewellery to be made from completely ethical materials. Below are some of our favourite pieces from Hot Diamonds jewelry UK:

Hot Diamonds Silver, Rose Gold Plated & Diamond Forget Me Not Pendant
Hot Diamonds Silver & Diamond Sure Bracelet
Hot Diamonds Silver & Diamond Natural Stud Earrings
Hot Diamonds Silver & Diamond Passionate Pendant
Hot Diamonds Silver & Diamond Passionate Stud Earrings

As new UNO de 50 UK stockists and Hot Diamonds UK stockists, we are so excited to show you what these beautiful brands have to offer. Keep an eye on our website for all the latest releases from both, and on our blog for any styling inspiration because we’re always looking to show our customers how to wear all of our gorgeous jewellery pieces.