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ChloBo Pendants & Necklaces

Explore our vast collection of ChloBo pendants at Joshua James. With ChloBo's iconic motifs of stars, hearts and the flower of life, introducing this stunning brand into your collection makes for symbolism and jewellery that has true meaning. What's more, ChloBo's latest range, Sacred Earth, is full of ChloBo pendants that resonate with the Greek concept of the four elements. Explore our entire selection of pendants for women for even more stunning neckwear pieces.

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ChloBo pendants help bring you spiritual balance through stunning Aztec and boho symbols that can speak to the wearer. Chloe Moss, the founder of ChloBo, has taken inspiration from her Indonesian travels that led her to see the UK was lacking cultural and feministic jewellery designs that added statement and poise to any outfit.

Here at Joshua James, we pride ourselves in only stocking brands that push boundaries in the world of jewellery. Through distinctive designs and the finest sourced metals, we are able to promote brands that truly know the meaning of individualism and expression. ChloBo pendants are one of our bestsellers at JJ; their captivating designs and magnitude of style offer dimension to even the simplest outfits. Shop all ChloBo jewellery for even more inspiration.