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In-Store Jewellery Services

Here at Joshua James, we endeavour to provide our customers with exceptional service online and in-store. That is why we offer several exclusive services that shoppers visiting our jewellery store in Hessle can take advantage of. If you’re unaware of how we can make your jewellery buying experience that much more momentous, we have several services available including engraving near me. Here’s what we can do for you:

Bespoke Engagement & Wedding Ring Service

After recent developments to our store, we are so excited to introduce our returning and new customers to our bespoke engagement and wedding ring services. We understand the importance and uniqueness of organising a wedding, which is why this tailored experience upholds the same level of magic throughout. 

Brides & grooms can come together to customise their ideal ring(s); giving them the opportunity to bring their dream wedding or engagement ring to life. From the design process right through to the crafting, the soon-to-be couple will be kept up to date with the process to ensure that they’re completely satisfied with the outcome. Alongside this, we are offering a yearly cleaning service included; giving you the assurance that your ring(s) stays as dazzling as the day you collected it. 

For more information on this incredible service and to book in for your initial consultation, head over to our website

Engraving Near Me Bespoke Ring Service Consultation Room

Jewellery Cleaning Service

Jewellery cleaning is a tedious task. One that often gets looked past when other household chores are prioritised. But fear not, now you won’t have to worry about yet another item on your to-do list with our in-house jewellery cleaning service. For just £5, you can visit us in-store and have your items cleaned for you there and then.

While you may not think your jewellery needs cleaning, if you’re a consistent wearer, you’d be surprised at how much bacteria and grime collects on silver, rose gold and gold pieces. If you don’t believe us, pop in-store and we can test our industry-leading jewellery cleaning products out on a most-worn item of yours!

Engraving Near Me

You may already know that we offer an online engraving service that’s suitable for our entire engravable jewellery range. Our FREE engraving is always carried out in-house, and as of recent advancements, we are now over the moon to offer this service in-store too. That’s right, if you see a piece of jewellery that tickles your fancy in our shop and you want to add your own personal touch to it, from as little as one hour, we can have your jewellery piece looking just as you imagined. 

Looking for dog tag engraving near me? With our fonts presented to you in-store through several examples, you’re given the rawest and most special experience at Joshua James. Continue the rest of your shopping or go and enjoy a spot of lunch at a nearby cafe and your jewellery piece will be engraved and sat waiting for you in no time at all.

Engraving Near Me 'My Hero' On Gold Heart Pendant

Custom Gift Wrapping

You can never go wrong with gifting jewellery; its naturally luxurious appearance makes for a next-level gift that anyone would be happy to receive. With that being said, you want to make sure it looks the part before you gift it. After purchasing from us in-store or online, come on into our Hessle shop if you’re in the area and our expert team will be more than happy to assist you in making your soon-to-be-gift look its best, and for only £3!

Failing that, there is a gift wrapping option at the checkout on our website.

In-Store Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect present but can't quite decide between so many amazing designer brands? We get it! That's why we are offering jewellery gift cards in-store to our customers. No matter how much you want to put on the card, by giving them a gift card, you are giving the recipient the option of what they want to receive for their special day. Everybody ends up happy, so it's a no-brainer, right?


For more information on any of the above jewellery services, feel free to visit our store in Hessle or drop us an email at

We cannot wait to welcome you into our store,

Engraving Near Me Thank You From the Joshua James Team