Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery: Gift Ideas for Aries

Next up in our zodiac series: Aries!

When looking for the perfect gift for someone special, jewellery always guarantees to make an impression. The right piece of jewellery is timeless, elegant and thoughtful, and will be cherished for years to come.

We often find, when giving jewellery as a gift, the more personal the jewellery the better. A personal gift is not only more likely to be unique, but shows you have put that little bit of extra thought into their present.

If you’re buying an extra special gift for a loved one and are looking for something totally individual, why not opt for a piece of star sign jewellery? Especially good for celebrating birthdays, a piece of zodiac jewellery is not only eye-catching and unique, but shows you’ve really considered them when looking for the perfect gift.

Alternatively (for those who don’t put much stock in horoscopes!) a piece of March or April birthstone jewellery can also offer a personal touch that makes a really unique and memorable gift.

But first…let’s go over some of the key facts about the Aries star sign!

Key Facts about Aries

Dates: March 21 – April 19

Symbol: The Ram

Element: Fire

Personality traits: Spontaneous, courageous, driven, optimistic, independent, enthusiastic

Interests: Sports (especially adventure sports!), outdoor activities, high energy music, action video games

Famous Aries: Elton John, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga

What is an Aries like?

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries often enjoy being first in life. Fiercely independent, Aries set their goals and then go out and get them, often paving the way for others. This, combined with Aries determination, intelligence and energy mean they can make great leaders. Not only that, a person with the Aries star sign is likely to be friendly, generous, confident and enthusiastic, meaning they make some of the best friends.

Aries Gift Ideas

Here at Joshua James we have a whole host of beautifully unique gifts, ideal for anyone with the Aries star sign. From customisable bracelets with pretty Aries charms to March and April birthstone jewellery, here you can discover the perfect pieces to show them how much you care.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone with an upcoming birthday, we’ve gathered together some of our top jewellery picks for those born under the Aries star sign.

Nomination Charms for Aries

This year, why not consider treating them to a charm bracelet? The ultimate personal gift, they can build this bracelet up into something that completely reflects their personality, experiences and memories. Not only that, but it makes your life a little easier too, providing the perfect gift option year after year – all you have to do is pick a new charm to add to their collection!

If the person you’re gift hunting for already has a charm bracelet, a new zodiac charm is the perfect way to celebrate their special day. If she or he is partial to the Nomination brand, we have some stunning options to add a personal touch to their charm bracelet.

Nomination Classic Gold Oval Aries Charm
Nomination Classic Aries Charm
Nomination Classic Gold Aries Charm
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Aries Symbol Charm
Nomination Classic Aries Cubic Zirconia Charm
Nomination Classic Rose Gold Oval Aries Charm

Joshua James Zodiac Pendant

Sweet, simple and budget-friendly: the Joshua James Aries Zodiac Pendant offers a versatile gift idea that any girl is sure to love. A delicate Aries pendant hangs on a sterling silver chain, ideal for everyday wear and stacking with other favourite necklaces.

March & April Birthstone Jewellery

If zodiac symbols aren’t your cup of tea, another great way to add a personal touch into your gift is with a birthstone charm. Birth dates for Aries span through March and April; and if you’ve been keeping up with our zodiac series, you will have seen in our last post about Pisces that the birthstone for March is dreamy aquamarine.

However, the majority of Aries will be born in April, in which case look for dazzling diamonds. One of the most highly sought after and most stunning of all the gemstones, this option opens you up to a whole host of ideas, from gorgeous diamond earrings to diamond encrusted bracelets. Alternatively, many people opt for cubic zirconia jewellery as a more affordable gift option.

A birthstone is a perfect, subtle way to add a unique touch to a gift – here are some of our top picks for April birthday gifts at Joshua James.

Nomination Classic Rose Gold April Diamond Charm
Nomination Classic Rose Gold April Diamond Charm
Joshua James April Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Ring
Joshua James April Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Ring
Joshua James 9ct Gold & CZ April Birthstone Pendant
Joshua James
9ct Gold & CZ April Birthstone Pendant
Joshua James April Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Pendant
Joshua James April Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Pendant
Joshua James 9ct Gold & CZ April Birthstone Stud Earrings
Joshua James 9ct Gold & CZ April Birthstone Stud Earrings
Nomination Classic Silver April Diamond Charm
Nomination Classic Silver April Diamond Charm

How about a Swarovski crystal figurine?

These lovable crystal figurines will make a truly touching gift for any Aries. Swarovski’s cute crystal Kris Bears have been admired by collectors for decades, and their new Horoscope collection offers sparkling homewares that will charm people of all ages. Inspired by the star sign Aries, this bear figurine holds a circle of clear Swarovski crystal to represent diamond – the April birthstone. Get the Aries Kris Bear here!

For more gift ideas for the Aries in your life, be sure to explore the full range of designer jewellery at Joshua James; from stunning bracelets and necklaces to a collection of unique charms, we’re confident you can find the perfect piece to make their day.

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