Star Sign & Birthstone Jewellery: Gift Ideas For Aquarius

At Joshua James, we feature a whole host of personalised jewellery, perfect for those who are looking for that special gift for someone they love.

Our selection of charms and pendants are ideal for creating an individual piece of jewellery that reflects your style – and what could be more unique that a star sign?

As mentioned in our previous blog post on gift ideas for Capricorns, the astrological trend is huge for 2020 and we here at Joshua James – along with all of our favourite brands – are embracing it. We’re here to give you the rundown on the Aquarius star sign, just in time for any birthdays coming up in February! In addition, we have just released a new line of gold birthstone pendants which would also make a really special gift for anyone celebrating their birthday soon.

So…let’s get down to the key Aquarius facts!

Key Facts about Aquarius

Dates: January 21 – February 19

Symbol: Water Carrier

Element: Air (surprisingly!)

Personality traits: Imaginative, intuitive, quirky, hardworking, sociable

Interests: Sci-fi, technology, art, writing

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Christian Bale, Jennifer Aniston, Shakira

An Aquarius is usually seen as a deep thinking, highly intellectual individual who loves to help others and this deep thinking usually leads them to becoming effective problem solvers. Although an Aquarius is often shy and quiet, they can also be energetic and sociable too. They see the world as their oyster, which is full of possibilities and often find themselves bored if they are not being mentally stimulated. Their desire for freedom also means that they hate being tied down and value their independence, making an Aquarius quite the free spirit and a lot of fun to be around.

Nomination Charms for Aquarians

Stainless steel Nomination charm with 18k gold symbol of the Aquarius water-carrier
Nomination Classic Gold Aquarius Charm
Stainless steel Nomination charm with 18k gold & cubic zirconia Aquarius water-carrier symbol
Nomination Classic Aquarius Cubic Zirconia Charm
Stainless steel Nomination charm with dangle pendant engraved with Aquarius symbol and CZ stone
Nomination Classic Aquarius Charm
Stainless steel Nomination link engraved with Aquarius zodiac symbol and with single CZ stone
Nomination Classic CZ Silver Aquarius Symbol Charm

Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k gold oval engraved with 'Aquarius' and zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Gold Oval Aquarius Charm
Stainless steel Nomination link with 18k rose gold oval engraved with Aquarius zodiac symbol
Nomination Classic Rose Gold Oval Aquarius Charm

Trollbeads Charms for Aquarians

Trollbeads Silver Bead depicting the Water-Bearer, Aquarian symbol of the zodiac from Greek myths

The Trollbeads Aquarius Silver Bead illustrates the symbol often associated with this star sign, represented in most cultures as a man pouring water from a vessel.

The Greek legend states that a young man named Ganymede was whisked away to the heavens by Zeus, where he went on to serve as cup-bearer to the gods for eternity.

Trollbeads sterling silver bead in shape of a star with turquoise stone at centre

The Trollbeads Star of Protection Bead features a stunning turquoise, the chosen stone for those born under the sign of Aquarius. As the name states, it is said to offer protection and guidance to its wearer.

January & February Birthstone Jewellery

In our previous blog post about Capricorn birthstone jewellery, we noted that the birthstone for January is the vibrant garnet. But what about Aquarians born in February?

Well, you’re in luck: the birthstone for this month is the beautiful amethyst. A classic stone with a rich history, the purple gem is often seen as a mysterious, exotic treasure.

Amethyst actually comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’, translating to ‘not drunken’; it was believed that amethyst protected you from getting drunk, making it a symbol of stability and peace today. Many believe it to bring calm and serenity to its wearer.

It is also said that amethyst is the favourite gemstone of Saint Valentine, making it the perfect gift for a romantic Aquarian partner!

We have a range of February birthstone jewellery across our site, including our own Birthstone collection, all inclusive of this stunning purple gem. Any of these pieces would make a meaningful gift for those born in this month, but make sure to consider their taste so that you get it just right. Do they own a Nomination bracelet? Do they prefer gold or silver jewellery? Make sure to mull these things over first.

We’ve selected just a few of our favourite pieces for you to peruse below…

Joshua James 9ct gold pendant with round purple amethyst, also known as the February birthstone
Joshua James 9ct Gold & Amethyst February Birthstone Pendant
Stainless steel link with 9k rose gold plate with 'Feb' engraving and round amethyst stone
Nomination Classic Rose Gold February Amethyst Charm
Stainless steel Nomination link with oval amethyst gemstone framed by 18k yellow gold
Nomination Classic Amethyst Charm
Simple round bead by Trollbeads made from sterling silver and natural purple amethyst
Trollbeads Round Amethyst Bead
Sterling silver necklace with engravable disc pendant and round Swarovski crystal amethyst
Joshua James February Birthstone Swarovski Amethyst Pendant
Simple rectangle stud earrings with purple amethysts claw-set in 9ct white gold
Joshua James Precious 9ct White Gold & Amethyst Rectangle Stud Earrings
Swarovski crystal bear figurine holding round purple crystal decorated with aquarius zodiac symbol

Looking for a birthstone gift with real ‘wow’ factor? The Swarovski Kris Bear Figurine features an adorable bear holding a round purple crystal to represent amethyst, complete with zodiac symbol decoration. This stunning collectible will make a dazzling addition to any home!

Make sure to keep checking back at the Joshua James blog for more personalised gift ideas as we continue our star sign series!

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